Monday, August 13, 2012

August 13, 2012

Hola Familia,
So crazy stuff. The secretary just sent me my flight plans. I will send them to you all, but it looks like I will be getting home at like midnight.  SO that should be pretty fun. I felt super weird seeing an actual time that I will be back in the states. I will passing through Atlanta which I thought was super funny. I will see chases mission for about 3 hours. I hope that airport has McDonalds. I miss Big Macs.
This week was a crazy, but really great week. We saw some really great miracles and I got to meet a lot of great people. I did a tour of the whole zone to get to know everyone. It was pretty awesome and I got to teach with a lot of people and it was awesome. IT is so cool to go to other areas and help them with there investigators.
In my area we are doing great. We had a baptism of a girl named Jaqueline.who is 17 and it was cool. Her whole family is just about all members. Now we are working on the mom and she is the last one who is not a member. We have 3 people who are getting prepared to be baptized this week and they are great. WE taught about tithing and she started to cry and say that she has no money, but she is great and said she will use her faith and will pay her tithing. She is awesome. We also had another family come to church and they are awesome. They will be getting married and baptized the 20th. God has been blessing us so much lately. I just hope I can work enough in this last bit to show that I am worthy of it.
We had a great activity this week with the whole stake where they did a festival of corn. Here there are SO MANY things that they make with corn. We had so many investigators that came and it was awesome cause we were able to eat a ton. They also did a couple presentations of cultural dances and stuff. IT was a great experience.
Well I decided I am not going to send anymore pictures for my last month. It takes a while and it will be cool to show all of you these pictures when I get home. 
I love you all and have a great week. Hasta Pronto.
Elder Gillette

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