Monday, September 27, 2010

September 24th, 2010

Your Buster Brown is doing good. Definitely some up and downs this week, like every, but none the less at the end I feel good. Sounds like everything is going great over there.

I heard that steves farewell was great. I am glad to hear that.

I am glad everyone is liking my letters, cause I love getting everyones.

Hope you enjoy that picture i love my district they really are a good group of guys.

i have the coolest story I am gonna send you in a letter that you will love I don't have enough time to write it in email

We started teaching the second lesson yesterday and it is on the plan of salvation. It has made a lot of really interesting and deep conversations come up that really excited me and make my testimony grow.

Spanish is going I guess. Not much new just trying to get the vocab down and more so the grammar. It is different than english, but you can see the gift of tongues really happening here.

I could careless about the Lions right now, just like before my mission. oh but one of the people in my district, the small guy on the very right of that picture, has a Jaguars shirt. He is like my favorite.

Well love you a lot and talk to you soon.
Elder Gillette

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

September 17th, 2010

Sorry, I am a little behind. I am posting Daniel's letters from September 11 and 17th. The September17th letter starts off with Dano referencing an email from my mom in which she asks if he minds hearing about what's going on in the NFL (since our family are all big fans!)

Haha I don't care if you talk about it. I was talking to some elders yesterday and they informed me the jaguars won the other day. I was so excited. My companion was laughing cause on my wall i have a picture of kelsy, ozzy and a jaguars helmet. He was like, you can really see your priorities haha. I was thinking its true. Well i hope you got my last letter cause the email time ran out right after I sent it so I never knew if you got it. I don't have much time left today also.

It has been fun writing everyone. Joff was right, or kirstin, that you do feel really close to your family even though you might no see them. I still feel all your love and prayers. Me and my companion lately have started only talking in spanish for all of our meal and it has been fun but kind of hard. We are doing really well with the language.

It was cool having new people come in wednesday. Made me feel like an MTC veteran haha. I actually saw Tyler Yaggi today. He seems to be doing good. Well I got to go but you will hear from me soon. Love ya,

Elder Daniel Gillette

September 11th, 2010

Hey madre,

Its my P-day so I thought I would write. I don't have to much time, but thought you would want to know how the past like 2 or 3 days have gone since I last wrote. We just got done playing some intense 4 square actually haha. But everything around here has gotten easier. The spanish is coming to all of us quickly and we have already gotten down most of the first lesson and we do it to an "investigator" on monday. We actually did it today to some missionaries who have been here only a week longer than us and they are so far ahead of us. It made us realize how much you learn everyday. We have been making the most of our time and tried everything we can to become better spanish speakers. It has been fun.

Elder Koller has been fun to work with and we get along great. We both know how much we both wanna learn the language and bring people to the gospel. We worked really hard yesterday when we had a 4 hour break to try and get down contacting people in spanish and giving them a message then on our discussion.

I was also going to tell you that the other day I went to my branch presidency meeting and they talked to us for a bit and then our zone leaders did. Then our branch president, President Lloyd, interviewed us all. He asked me about my family and what I like to do. Then he asked me to bear my testimony. I thought it all went really well. He came out after he interviewed everyone and called me back in and asked me to be the district leader. I was quite suprised. I was nervous that I wouldn't be a good enough example for the others or be able to handle everything, but I just felt to accept it. I am really excited now though. I will go in for training on sunday and am excited cause I already love my district. They are such good guys and are very different. It definitely has already made me into a better person for sure.

Say thank you to the family and tell them to write me letters with their address cause I will write hand letters to them. But I love you all and I really feel the support.

Love your son and elder,
Elder Gillette

Monday, September 13, 2010

Friday, September 10, 2010

1st Letter

Hey mom it's your elder!

They were suppose to let me write last night, but the computers were slow and they had to get 500 missionaries through. It was a crazy day. You dropped me off and my friend derek egan was there when I turned around and it was good to see a friendly face. I went and got my name tag and all. We did an investigator simulation thing which was really cool and also had some speakers speak like the MTC president. I totally was dozing off the whole time and I think I got caught by the presidents wife haha. My companions name is Elder Koller and he is a really cool guy. He is from Payson and has just been fun. We are actually like the missionaries in your ward and have 3. Elder Steele is also one of our companions too. He will only be ours for about 3 weeks cause he will go to the Guatemala MTC. It was nice unpacking and meeting our zone leaders who seem really nice.

I thought for a second I couldn't do 9 weeks of being in here. But I woke up today and felt so good. I really believe I can do this. Today has been so much easier and they say get through sunday and you will be fine. Today we have been learning a lot of spanish. We learned to say prayers in spanish and bare our testimonies. Our teachers are really nice and I actually got to class like and hour early yesterday so i got to just get to know them. But everyone here is really nice and I am excited to get done with the next 9 weeks I have here. They expect me to leave on november 8th. The food here is surprisingly good and it's all you can eat. I am gonna gain so much weight.

I have talked to a couple people who know missionaries in El Salvador and Belize. They say you are lucky to go to belize cause only like 20 missionaries do at a time and it's about a 3 day drive. I also heard the west side of belize is much better. The east got hit more by the civil war, but I heard that from nathaniel oswald who I saw today and works here.

I got here and realized I forgot a couple things. Could you send me my jazz shirt or dr. pepper one and a pair of white socks. I bought everything else I need, but I can't really buy those.

Well I need to go to class, but Se' que la inglesia es verdadera. Se' gue Jesucriso es un salvador y Thomas S. Monson es un profeta y es un solamente profeta verdara. Se' este cosas porque ode' y la espiritu dice me es verdad. I said I know this church is true. I know that Jesus Christ is our savior and Thomas S. Monson is a prophet and is the only true prophet and I know these things because I read the scriptures and the spirit has told me it's truth. I love you mom and thanks for all the support. Tell the family I love them and I miss them and couldn't read there letters last night or i probably would've shed a tear.

Your son and missionary.
Elder Gillette

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

See you in 730 days, give or take.

Elder Gillette got off around 12:05 pm. Here he is taking his last drive, to the MTC, with the parentals. As the vehicles pulled away the siblings chased after the car with smudged makeup and tear stained shirts. We are all going to miss Dano!!!

Once at the MTC he was greeted by a long line of missionary hostesses, grinning ear to ear, welcoming him into the fold. In the haste of all the greeting he didn't even look back. Good for him!

Start sending him your letters. I'll keep his address current in the top right corner of this website. If you get pictures or letters for Elder G and want to share with the group, please send them to kristin(.)g(.)wells(at)gmail(.)com.

Peace and blessings.