Monday, June 25, 2012

June 25, 2012: Nuevos

Hola Familia,
Well this was a very very fast week. I didn't even feel the time go by. Sounds like Kelsy getting her teeth out was a pretty fun experience. I remember when I got my wisdom teeth out I talked about Micheal Jackson and like black people. I don't really remember all to well. I do really miss smoothies though from the states. Lucky Kelsy. Here there are smoothies, but they are just like milk with a fruit mixed in and a ton of sugar and the smoothies only cost 35 cents. They always leave you with a major stomach ache though haha.
The work here has been pretty good. We had a couple families that were progressing, but time showed that they were just interested in other things so this past week we went by and dropped all of our investigators that we had and we are starting up from nothing. It was kind of a hard week for that, but we found a lot of really great and positive people. I hope we can keep on finding people like we did this week. The ward has really helped us too and we have received a lot of referrals from them.

We had changes this week and it was weird to see a lot of my friends that came about the time that I did go home. It was a nice hit to reality that one day I will actually go home. It is a crazy thought.
Sounds to me like the funeral of Kent's dad went really well. From what I recall I don't think I have been to very many funerals. I imagine It was an amazing experience. It is really amazing how many people here have siblings or kids that have died. It is very frequent here and I think I have been able to learn a lot. It really is amazing the plan of salvation and how much sense it actually makes. I love meeting new people and right of the bat ask them, What is your purpose here on earth? or where will you go after this life? everyone here believes in Christ but it is a very simple belief and they don't know how to answer those questions and it is fun to answer them for them.
Well I sent you all the pictures of the waterfall and It was a ton of fun. Today we went and played basketball and it felt so good, but I got to get into better shape haha.
Love you all and take care.

Elder Gillette

Monday, June 18, 2012

June 18, 2012: El Salto

Hola Familia,
So I don't have a ton of time write now to write a ton, but I thought I would fill you all in with all that is going on. We just got news of transfers and it looks like I will be staying here for another transfer. I am super excited and that probably means I will end my mission here which is crazy. I love the ward so I am excited about that.
This week we had a meeting with one of the Presidency of the 70 and we went to San Salvador to see him and on the way I had one of the most interesting rides of my life. We were driving and all of the sudden I heard a thump and we all starting looking around. I looked back and I saw a guy rolling on the ground and he got up and starting running away from us. WE HIT A GUY! It was so random and the bus just sped up . That is so El salvador. Then about 10 minutes after the guy who was helping the driver decided to throw out all of our pizza boxes out the door while driving in the middle of the freeway and while he was throwing them out one of the elders who was sick ran to the door and started to throw up. It was a very funny seen.
Other than that we just got back from going to see a water fall that is called El Salto. It took all morning and that is why I am writing so late. I forgot my camera cord but I took some really cool pictures. This country really is beautiful. 
It still keeps on raining a lot and my shoes are now demolished. My heavy duty shoes now even have a whole in them. It is crazy, but they will still last me until I go.
Well it is good to here that the family is good. It has been good to hear all that has been happening with kent's dad and to here how strong he has been. I always teach something here that I have always believed and here in the mission I have come to understand it to a whole new level. God is a God of order. I love the scripture in D&C 122 verse 9. Everything always happens for a reason. I really feel like that scripture applies to all that has happened. Love you all and take care.
  Elder Gillette

Monday, June 11, 2012

June 11, 2012: 21 Months

Que tal Familia,

I never can believe every week when I come back to this internet cafe to write and I realize how FAST time went by. It is super crazy. I always love hearing from you all though. The pictures of Story's birthday are awesome. They are so professional and story is so adorable. It is always fun to see pictures of the family.
KELSY IS ALREADY DONE WITH JUNIOR YEAR!!! wow, that really was a crazy reality when you told me that mom. I can't believe that and how fast time went by. The next time school starts up... I will be going to school.
Summer starting up means the best is to come. Summer is awesome. We are just starting the rainy season here and this past week it rained so hard that on of the bridges was overrun and we couldn't go to one of the parts of my area. I got home SOAKED that night. It happens a lot here. The worst part is that during the day it is super super hot and then at night it pours. Sounds like the weather is great right now over there. I imagine you all have great trips planned out and all. Dad when you wrote me saying you are going to go to Yellowstone it reminded me that the other day I was with a member here and we were walking and I was telling him about all the places I have been and I tried explaining to him Yellowstone and I had no idea. There are no deer, elk, wolves, fox, moose or even bears. So it was cool telling him all the animals up there. I then tried to explain to him what a bison was and he had no idea. I could just say that it was a bull with a very huge body and a gigantic head. It was funny. Then to top it off trying to explain a geyser was pretty sweet. A pit that shoots out water way up in the sky. Cool stuff.
Over here we have still had sick people. I had to go this whole week with members and it was pretty tough, but it is going a lot smoother. The good thing about all this is that I have gotten a great relationship with the members and they have started helping a ton. This Saturday we planned a day to go and visit and we got all the leaders to go and visit with us and go to our recent converts. It was awesome and I really saw some great support. We left after visiting the families and the bishop was saying we will do this now every weekend. I think we all felt the spirit through showing genuine interest in the people and that they were able to dedicate a little time.
It was a good week even though I didn't have a comp. We have a lot of investigators and we had a new family go to church and they really liked it. They live pretty far away, but they have good hearts.
A great thing that happened is that in the middle of church this week I got a call that my comp could finally leave and start working again. So yesterday, after 3 weeks of going without a comp, I finally got a comp. We then were able to work all day and since I had already planned to leave with members we left with them anyways and it made the lessons even better. We have planned out activities all throughout the week with members already and I have a feeling it will be a great week.
 I decided this past week that I am going to dedicate myself a lot better to what I am doing in these last months. Like I did before I left for my mission I made a bucket list, I have also made one for here. I have goals like perfect my Spanish, finish Jesus the Christ, and eat as many pupusas as possible. I need to get all that I can out of this experience.
Well I love you all and hope you all are having a good time up in the great summer weather. Also enjoy the playoffs. The bishops son here is like my best friend. He is always giving my updates on the NBA. He told me last night that it will be Oklahoma verses heat and hope that the Thunder win. Durant and Westbrook are awesome. Enjoy watching those games. I imagine they will be good ones.
Love you all and talk to you all next week.
Elder Gillette

Monday, June 4, 2012

June 4, 2012: Lone Wolf

Hola Familia.

I think these have been the most emotionally crazy emails I have received in my whole time here on the mission. Mom I want to start out by telling you how awesome that story is of Kent's dad. I fasted for him too this week and I hope that all gets better. I love those stories and you are right that I get to see a lot of great stuff like that happen here, but it awesome when it touches home. The gospel really is powerful.

Kylie I also loved your letter and especially what basil said after the game. It was an hilarious email. The screen shots of the cupcake wars was awesome. I can just imagine now how cool the real show must actually be. I am excited to see it.

Over here I think my weeks are just getting more and more stressing. I don't know if it is because I know the end is coming or because of all that is happening, but either way there is a lot of work. So like I told you all last week my comp (Elder Tuck) has the chicken pox. Well he is still in house with another missionary that has it. I was with another elder for a couple days, but then guess what happens? HE THEN GOT THE CHICKEN POX. Right now we have 4 missionaries in the zone with chicken pox (we also have another missionary in the zone that has kidney stones also). So we are getting like the plagues right now and it is totally effecting us. right now I don't even have a comp. I sleep in the house of some of the missionaries in the zone and during the day I leave with whatever member I can find. I feel really blessed by the help of the members. They have really come through. They started making us lunches and dinners recently. So now we have a schedule of eating which is sweet. I have gotten a lot of help from the RMÅ› and the missionaries in preparation that have left with me everyday.

It was just really stressful this week cause I had to do interviews, take the nightly numbers alone, do all the meetings we have and take care of my area and the area next to mine ( because both the missionaries in that area have chicken pox). It has been super crazy and in the end I saw very little in the progression of the zone and it is pretty tough. The nurse says they will probably have another week in house and that really scares me, but I will take on this challenge and I know God will help me. I am going to have to depend a lot on the members again and I feel like it is helping me to grow closer to them (maybe annoy them haha).

I cannot believe we are already in June. That is so crazy and time flies by so fast. I can't believe how close it is all coming. It will be interesting to see if I stay here and end my mission in this area. I believe I will and I really hope so.

Well I hope that everyone keeps feeling better. I hope Kristin is doing better and that she can keep on going. I love you all and have a great week. talk to you all next week.

Elder Gillette