Monday, August 20, 2012

August 20, 2012

Querido Familia,
Well how are everyone. Sounds like the fires over there in Utah are a blast. Here everyone takes all of there junk into there front yard and burns it. It scared me at first in my mission to see a giant fire right next to someones house, but the grass and everything is so green that it doesn't catch fire. The house are made of cement so they don`t catch fire either. It is very opposite here haha. 
Everything here in good ol Atiqui is good. We are seeing a lot of miracles and I feel like God is really showing my why I needed to stay this last month of my mission. I thought about that a lot this week and how I am really glad that I stayed, cause I know that I should be here.
We were teaching this family I think I told you all about; Ana and her 2 kids, Fernando and Alejandra. They are awesome and with the help of some members that are really great they ended up getting baptized yesterday. It was awesome. We had a lot of support from the ward and the mom like ran into the baptismal font to be baptized. she was so excited. It was a great day.
We have a lot of great investigators. It really surprises me how many people we keep on finding that are so positive. I feel like I finally can see who to teach and who will be a waste of time. We had 6 new investigators in church and they are all really great people. This Sunday we will be baptizing the mom of the girl we baptized last week, Jaqueline. The whole family are members and she didn't want anything to do with us. Thanks to the members she has changed her mind and went to church and loved it.
I really am working the hardest I have worked in my life and I feel super confident in what I am doing. I really have a true belief that whoever reads The Book of Mormon and prays will get an answer. I have seen it to many times now.
Well I have a little over 3 weeks left here so I thought I would ask you all if there is anything you all might want here? something I should take a picture of before I leave so you all can see it or something like that? if you have ideas then send it to me. 
I love you all and I am excited for these next couple weeks. I know they will be great. I will be getting home at midnight on Sept 13  or I don't know if that would be considered the 14th of September. So lets all get prepared. I love you all and take care. 
Elder Gillette

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